About Urban Oasis

We show up to work bright and early every morning because we are passionate about the landscapes we install and the lawns we service.  We are passionate about escaping the business of the city and find peace in the outdoors.  There is nothing greater than standing back after a long day and seeing a transformed landscape; something we have created, an Urban Oasis.

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Here we are picking up some new equipment at Lexington Outdoor Power!

Urban Oasis Lawn Care

It’s about the experience for us…

We are focused on personal growth, and not just about the job.  We are not just here to show up and be done.  We are here because we truly wish to create spaces that will be used and enjoyed, and are willing to learn and grow to accomplish the tasks we set out to do.

Why we think you should choose us…

Because we can take the time needed to make sure your property is maintained like we would have our own property maintained.  We save time by being efficient so our costs remain competitive and while still making sure that each unique need you have requested is being met all throughout the entire process and/or throughout the year.

When did we start?

We officially began offering our services to the community March 17, 2017, but our owner and employees average over 10 years of experience from working for other companies over the recent years.  Once Mike felt he had a full understanding of how all aspects of the business worked, Urban Oasis was born.


We are licensed for the products we apply and insured against potential damages.  We will work to always leave your property better than when we arrived.


Each customer is different, with their own concerns.  Through an industry leading management software, we make sure your concerns are passed to anyone on your property. ​


A commitment to go above and beyond each job whether it is picking up trash on the lawns we mow to the guarantee on the installations performed.  My staff and I work very hard to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

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Meet the owner Michael Sell


I am Mike Sell.  Some people think I am crazy because I left my well-paying job to pursue my dreams of working outdoors and bringing joy to my community by doing a small part in beautifying it.  I wouldn’t take it back for a second.  I also wanted to put my Bachelors of Agricultural Science to use!

I am very confident you will see my passion for creating stunning and functional outdoor living spaces.  We put that same passion for the landscaping side of the business into our lawn care services.

As you can see, when I am not working I enjoy playing with my dog, fishing, bowling, traveling, eating, snow sports, water sports, spending time with family, and EATING!  When I am working…I like to have fun!

“We take the time to understand your goals for the property with your future in mind to offer solutions that will work for many years to come.”

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And when we are not out working…

Landscaper off duty

A look at some of our tools and equipment…

We really do try to keep the trucks clean!  It’s hard!

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We will be here when you need us.  We’d love to talk.

Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions you may have.

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